Almaco Jacks

The Almaco Jack looks very similar to an Amberjack but soesn’t quite grow to the same size. They do however fight hard ! They are only caught on jigs as they tend to spend most of their time at depth. Often caught whilst jigging for Dogtooth Tuna, anglers are always surprised when an Almaco Jack pops up instead of a 40kg Dogtooth !

The Almaco jack, Seriola rivoliana, is a game fish of the family, Carangidae. They feed, both day and night, on other, smaller, fish, such as baitfish. Almaco jack are also known to eat small squid.

The Almaco jack is known to have less elongated, more flattened bodies than most species of jack. Their dorsal fin and anal fins are elongated, and have a definite sickle shape to their outer edges. The dorsal fin of the Almaco jack also separates it from other jacks in that the first rays of the dorsal fin’s longest parts are nearly twice as long as the dorsal spines.  The Almaco jack is a pelagic species that can be found in small groups on slopes and off of reefs at depths from 5 to 160 meters. They are also known to visit wrecks more often than most other species of jack.

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