Dogtooth Tuna

Dogtooth Tuna are the #1 target species for anglers jigging Kadavu Island’s offshore seamounts and Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef. Doggies range in size from small juveniles to monster fish over 100kg. Bite Me holds the Fijian All-Tackle Record with a Doggie of just over 90kg.

Dogtooth are occasionally caught whist popper casting however the best way to target them is jigging in certain areas where the outer barrier reef slopes drop off suddenly from 60m to 200m. Other favourite Doggies spots for anglers are the Ono Drop, Solo Atoll and the Kadavu Seamount.

We try to release most Dogtooth Tuna however some fish over 50kg, when brought up from depth, suffer from Barotrauma. Doggies do make excellent sashimi !


The dogtooth tuna is a large fast-swimming fish in the family Scombridae.

It is one of the apex non-pelagic predators (along with Giant Trevally, Napoleon Wrasse, and Large Groupers) of its range (from the Marshall islands to the Indian Ocean). It is not a true tuna, but is closely related to the bonitos. It has the large teeth and straight edged first dorsal fin characteristic of all bonito. It is a near shore fish, with smaller fish in shallow reef areas and larger ones in deep reef drop off areas. It will readily attack most fish that will fit in its mouth: mackerels, sardines, etc.


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