Red Bass

Not the most popular of fish with the heavy tackle GT popping anglers, especially when a big GT is chasing a popper and a Red Bass zips in, gobbles the popper and promptly buries you in the reef. They are however a lot of fun on light tackle and do put up a good fight.

The Red Bass is red with brownish to black shading along the back and usually on the uppermost rays of the pectoral fin.

It has deep grooves that run from the eyes to the nostrils. The species grows to 75 cm in length but is more commonly seen at lengths up to 50 cm. One of the reefs primary small fish predators, they can occasionally be prone to Cigueterra poisoning so we release all Red Bass. (Shame, they are delicious !) They are a common by-catch when casting poppers and stickbaits and notoriously good at reefing you !

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