Recommended Jigging Gear

We catch a wide range of species when deepwater jigging around Kadavu Island and most fish can be handled with medium weight tackle. There are however monsters in the depths. Bite Me holds the Fiji All-Tackle Dogtooth Tuna Record with a fish over 90kg. We have caught Grouper even larger. We recommend using heavy tackle whenever jigging outside the Barrier Reef.

Specialist Gear to Bring


If you want to target the monster dogtooth out there, you must bring your own heavy tackle. You might want to consider investing in a Stella or Saltiga or an overhead jigging reel with harness lugs. Reels need to be able to accommodate at least 300m of 80-130lb braid and cope with drags approaching 20kg.

Specialist heavy tackle jigging gear

We use jigs in the 150-200g range for jigging the outer reef slopes but up the size to 250-350g if the weather is breezy or we are fishing deeper than 150 in places like the seamount. Generally jigs with flutter work better in water shallower than 90m. The fast drop / high speed retrieve jigs work better in deepwater off the reef or places like the Kadavu Seamount.


When fishing for dogtooth tuna we strongly recommend you use IGFA Certified braid or have your line tested before you come. Last season we took the Fiji 80lb and All-Tackle National Record Dogtooth Tuna with a fish of just over 90kg, just shy of the IGFA World Record. We have seen larger dogtooth out there including several that would easily smash the current IGFA All-Tackle World Record.

Make sure you know your line breaking strain. It would be a shame to land a fish of a lifetime and then have your line over-test!

Fiji All Tackle Record aboard Bite Me

A Shimano Trinidad 40 spooled with IGFA 80lb braid on a Zenaq landed this Record Dogtooth Tuna

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