Fishing Seasons

We catch GTs and dogtooth tuna all year round however the best weather for popper casting and jigging is Fiji’s summer time which runs from January to May. During this time the weather is generally calm and ideal for getting in close to the barrier reef breakers with poppers or drifting and jigging over reef drop-offs and seamounts.

Many guide books describe Fiji as having a dry season and a wet season. This may be true of the main island but Kadavu Island has a typical small tropical island climate.

A typical calm summer day

A typical calm summer day


About 55% of the rain falls in the ‘wet’ season and 45% in the ‘dry’ season. The only real noticeable difference is that rain in the summer wet season tends to be heavy, short lived and often at night. A typical summer day is a morning of blue sky, cloud bubbling up over the island in the afternoon and an occasional short sharp shower in the evening.

Winter Tradewinds kick up chop

A strong winter Tradewind

From June through to November, the Fiji Islands experience regular tradewinds that can blow for up to a week. Some trades are mild however some trades can limit access to the best GT and dogtooth areas.

Normal Tradewinds do not stop us fishing. Bite Me Too just fishes the other side of the island  which also has deep-water access to the barrier reef.



We recommend that anglers wishing to poppercast or jig come in the summer months. If you come for a week of popper casting and jigging in winter time, you are very likely to be weather affected.

Popping and Jigging Fish Seasons

GTs                                 All Year Round   Best Jan – May

Dogtooth Tuna                 All Year Round    Best Jan – May

Mackerel / Barracuda       All Year Round    Best Jan – May

Yellowfin Tuna                 Jan – April and June – September

Wahoo                            June -September

Pacific Sailfish                 June – September

All Deepwater Species      All Year Round    Best Jan – April


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