Popper Casting

Kadavu Island has 100km of Great Astrolabe barrier reef, the worlds 4th longest barrier reef and probably the world’s most unspoilt and least explored.

The island’s calm inner coral lagoons offer shelter to a variety of trevallies and coral reef predators but the exposed outer barrier reef breakers are home to numerous large GTs in excess of 40kg.

We take anglers popper casting to target the big GTs as well as other species such as Bluefin Trevally, Red Bass, Dogtooth Tuna, Green Jobfish, Narrow Barred (Spanish) Mackerel and Barracuda.

Stella, FCL Labo and Kadavu GT

We take great care handling fish and have a policy of releasing all trevallies.

If you wish to target the Extra Large GTs found here, you must bring your own specialized heavy tackle.

We recommend at least 80lb and preferably 100lb line class. This keeps fight times short and maximises the likleyhood of fish being released in good condition.

From your base at Matava Eco-Adventure Resort, we will have you throwing poppers and stickbaits at 40+kg GTs within 10 minutes of departure.



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