Specialist Gear to Bring

Most anglers here use Shimano Stellas or Daiwa Saltiga threadline reels spooled with PE10 braid. Popper rods start with the Shimano GT Specials and head on up the price range to top end custom rods by HOTS, Fisherman, Carpenter, Ripple Fisher, Patriot and Zenaq to name just a few examples.

We take great care handling fish and have a policy of releasing all GTs. We also like to frequently release Dogtooth Tuna. Using heavy tackle shortens fight times and ensures fish are released quickly and in the best condition possible.

If you wish to target the big GTs in the 25 to 50kg range found here, you will need to bring your own specialist heavy tackle.

Custom Heavy Tackle gear

Popper casting

To target GTs in the 30-60kg range here, we recommend using tackle that is of at least PE8 strength or better still, PE10.

The most common poppers used are made by Hammerhead, FCL Labo, Craftbait, Fisherman, Orion, Full Scale, Reefs Edge and Sebile.



If you want to target the monster dogtooth out here, you must bring your own heavy tackle jigging gear.

Most anglers use Stellas or Saltigas however you might want to consider an overhead jigging reel with harness lugs. Reels need to be able to accommodate at least 250m of 80-130lb braid and cope with drags approaching 20kg.

When fishing for dogtooth tuna we strongly recommend you use IGFA Certified braid or have your line tested before you come. Last season we took the Fiji 80lb and All-Tackle National Record Dogtooth Tuna with a fish of just over 90kg, just shy of the IGFA World Record. We have seen larger dogtooth out there including several that would easily smash the current IGFA All-Tackle World Record unless your line over-tests Most braid breaks at well over its stated line class.

Make sure you know your line breaking strain.

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