GT Popping in Fiji

From sheltered still mangrove bays to Great Astrolabe barrier reef breakers, the opportunities to cast poppers are right on the resort’s doorstep and stretch for as far as the eye can see.

We target all species of trevally including Bluefin Trevally, bigeye trevally and of course the big daddy of them all the mighty Giant Trevally otherwise known as the GT from both the inshore and offshore fishing boats.

Common by-catch are red bass, narrowbarred (Spanish) mackerel and barracuda. GTs to 25kg and Bluefin Trevally to 7kg are common along the outer barrier reef however we also see GTs up to 40kg fairly regularily. Our record GT measured over 50kg.

If you wish to target the 50kg+ monster GTs  that haunt the outer reef breakers, we recommend you bring your own specialised gear such as Daiwa Saltigas or Shimano Stellas on rods that are rated to at least PE8 and preferably PE10.

You should bring more than one outfit as you are likely to suffer breakages from these huge fish.

We advocate catch & release on all GTs  and bluefin trevally other than National or World Records.


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